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The Meep Process

    get clear direction

    • Map your True North: generate your WHY and HOW statements; uncover and prioritize your core values

    •  Outline and identify top assumptions and key metrics

    • Establish the appetite for the first or next iteration of your org: create a Container, including timebox dates & success metrics

    refine your solution

    • Brainstorm the WHATs that can support your WHY and HOW statements
    • Leverage design thinking & visual mapping techniques to map your pie-in-the-sky vision
    • Use your Container and success metrics to refine the scope of your next iteration
    • Establish an intentional pricing strategy that creates a strong exchange of energy between your organization and the people you serve
    • Build a simple financial model that answers the big questions around pricing, growth, and funding

    build your next iteration

    • Use customer experience best practices & methodologies to map human-centered experiences for your stakeholders

    • Learn design techniques and tools to clarify fine details and build shared understanding with your team
    • Identify your needs and choose the right no-code tools for the foundation of your specific product or service

    • Learn and implement best practices for assembling your software infrastructure, including website, app, marketing, and operational systems development

    first customers & revenue

    • Identify & test intentional outreach channels

    • Begin speaking concisely about your organization; master best practices for sales and outreach
    • Learn how to leverage your network to find and engage early adopters
    • Map and set up systems to onboard your first customers
    • Optimize your outreach & operations according to your personal strengths & patterns 


  • STAGE 5: LISTEN / track actionable data

    • Develop personal systems and tools for processing new information and making decisions in alignment with your True North

    • Earn your first revenue and begin building a community of early adopters

    • Use scrappy tools to gather and synthesize initial customer engagement metrics

    • Learn best practices for strategic roadmapping to identify and plan intentional next steps