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Ongoing Product Support

Accountability Check-Ins

Monthly strategy sessions to keep you moving toward your north star.

  • Analyze metrics and user feedback

  • Gather new insights from the team

  • Make adjustments to foster progress through the product roadmap and align development with mission

Ongoing Product Management

We'll work with your team or build a team for you! We provide ongoing support for an iterative development cycle that prioritizes impact and user outcomes with every data-driven decision.

  • User story mapping sessions for each new iteration

  • Ongoing user testing and interviews

  • Synthesis and prioritization of user feedback and backlog items

  • Project scoping of epics and sprints

  • Synthesis of requirements and clear, comprehensive stories

  • Project management and launch/release execution

Headshot Square.jpeg

Product support provided by Meep's founder, Allie Reitz.

  • Entreprenerd, active member of the Denver startup community, and former impact tech startup founder

  • 10 yrs experience in:

    • First-hand entrepreneurship

    • Business & product strategy for startups

    • Product development cycles & execution

    • UX strategy & design

    • No-code functional prototype development

  • 3 years experience leading & managing scrappy startup engineering & design teams

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