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Free Resources for Founders

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Webinar: Introduction to the

Visionary Framework

The Visionary Framework is the foundation for a life that supports the consistent flow and execution of ideas by cultivating a balance of the tools available to us - rest, energy, creation, integration, and our relationship with the source of new ideas.


As you build your personal framework for creation, you'll...

  • Build the foundation for a healthy build/rest rhythm

  • Understand your unique patterns, and put them to use

  • Develop personal systems for integrating new information

  • Tap into new ideas consistently and effortlessly

  • Stay on track with regular informed accountability

  • Use our proven implementation process to execute effectively

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Vision/Mission Worksheet:

Set Your True North

At Meep, we believe that grounded founders make good decisions for themselves, their business, and the planet. This worksheet outlines the first steps in our Visionary Framework process.


You’ll set the True North for your business, creating a strong sounding board for decision-making and integrating new information in alignment with your mission.

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Webinar: No-Code 101 for Founders

This 1hr webinar helps you decide whether no-code is right for you and your company. Get answers to questions like:

  • Do no-code tools really offer all the features I need to build into my unique product?

  • Can a no-code MVP really handle enough customers to be worth-while?

  • What does the transition from no-code to full-code look like?

  • Do I have the skills to build my MVP myself with no-code?

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