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Mission-Driven Product Strategy

Vision / Mission Sessions

A half-day collaborative session, using design thinking, exploratory exercises, and group brainstorming to outline the WHY, HOW, and WHAT of any new idea.​

What you'll get:​​

  • WHY / Vision Statement: the fundamental belief through which you'll connect with your stakeholders

  • HOW / Mission Statement: your chosen method for changing the world

  • WHAT / Product Concepts: outline the tangible offerings you'll put out into the world to fulfill your HOW and WHY

  • MESSAGING: Brand name options, clear brand messaging, and a simple pitch your team can share

  • DESIGN STRATEGY: Logo ideas, key brand colors, and visualization board for design use

  • SUCCESS METRICS / Impact Statement: a clear timebox and definition of success for our initial offering


" Allie is deeply thoughtful, hard working, strategic, and gets things done with a grace that includes everyone. Her ideas are powerful but simple, and bring together the essential needs of clients and staff, all while providing leadership in a truly positive and inclusive way. "

- PRIYA DEY-SARKAR, Senior Energy Engineer at NV Energy


" She has an ability to take what everyone has expressed in a meeting and then lead the charge on how to reach our goal. She is a true team player and deeply wants is best for the community!"

- Frances Weiner, founder of Conscious B School & Business Management Instructor @ University of Nevada, Reno

User Story Mapping Sessions

​A half-day collaborative session, using visual thinking to refine your vision into clear requirements for development of the next iteration of your products and systems.

What you'll get:

  • An outline of key stakeholder personas for the product

  • A digitized map of your ideal customer's journey

  • A refined set of clear development requirements for the most efficient and effective first version of your vision, including features, automations, and databases

  • A complete blueprint for development, including tools, team, and cost to get there

  • A professional Product Roadmap PDF with up to three future iterations and a concrete timeline

  • Time-boxed metrics for your next iteration that outline a clear definition of success for all stakeholders

User Story Mapping Sessions are a great tool if you're:

  • Raising money to hire developers to build the first version of your product.

  • Working with a clickable prototype.

  • Looking for a technical co-founder.

  • Banging your head against the wall trying to set up your company's technology yourself.

  • Excited about new ideas for your company, but not sure which one to pursue or where to start

  • Feeling that you've lost sight of your original vision

  • Wondering what's stopping your company from making the impact you know it can make

  • Frustrated with or hindered by your current tech stack, app, website, systems, software, etc.

  • Not sure how to bring a current service/offering to the next level

  • Having trouble working with your current developer, IT team, or website builder

Headshot Square.jpeg

Product strategy provided by Meep's founder, Allie Reitz.

  • Entreprenerd, active member of the Denver startup community, and former impact tech startup founder

  • 10 yrs experience in:

    • First-hand entrepreneurship

    • Business & product strategy for startups

    • Product development cycles & execution

    • UX strategy & design

    • No-code functional prototype development

  • 3 years experience leading & managing scrappy startup engineering & design teams

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