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MeepMeep Community Membership

Informed accountability

in small groups of fellow founders


Access to our library of Visionary Framework resources & templates


Join our community of experienced experts

and conscious entrepreneurs

Visionary Framework Simple Transp.png

Visionary Framework Tools & Resources

  • Build the foundation for a healthy build/rest rhythm

  • Understand your unique patterns, and put them to use

  • Develop personal systems for integrating new information

  • Tap into new ideas consistently and effortlessly

  • Stay on track with regular 1 on 1 informed accountability

  • Use our proven process to implement effectively


$1,700 / month over 5 months

​Our cohort model allows our experts to support new businesses in planning, buildout, and launching their first product at a fraction of the industry average MVP development cost!

All applicants have the option to be considered for investment by our funding partners.

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Use our Vision / Mission worksheet to build the foundation for integrating new information and making decisions in alignment with your True North.

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